Wednesday, October 19, 2005

20 ways of life

20 ways to incorporate communication on a daily basis. These actions will let your partner know that you notice them for who they are and what they are doing

1.A thank you note or card actually mailed to them.

2.A Post-it note tucked in their book or appointment calendar saying you were thinking of them.

3.A quick call to see if you can pick up anything for them after work.

4.Saying how much you like how they are dressed on any given day.

5.Whisking them away to share a private drink in the backyard during sunset.

6.Giving them a 30 second kiss.

7.Surprise them by washing their car or having the interior cleaned.

8.Tell them you appreciate something they have always done such as paying the bills, taking the kids to school, paying for dinner, etc.

9.When your partner is overworked offer to take over a chore or responsibility for them.

10.Let them know it is okay for them to spend time on their own. It shows you appreciate their need for individuality.

11.Show an interest in one of their hobbies by trying to participate or learn more about it.

12.Make it a point to cuddle for an extra few minutes in the morning and at night.

13.Remember important family holidays on your partner's side.

14.Do something every month that let's your partner know you remember and take notice of one of their favorites. For example, bring home their favorite ice cream, rent their favorite movie, or bring their favorite flower.

15.Meet for lunch and let your partner talk about how their day is going.

16.Recognize when your partner is reacting because of stress instead of the actual issue and let them know you understand what's going on.

17.If you see your partner getting irritated over something, offer to help or get them into an environment where they can concentrate properly.

18.Send an eCard letting your partner know you love them.

19.Reveal your appreciation for a favorite nuance your partner has that no one else would notice. For example, the way your partner blushes when they're embarrassed, or the way they look at you from across the room.

20.Take time out at least one a month for a date night to let your partner know you still desire being with them for more than just comfort.


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