Monday, October 17, 2005


One Love . . .

One glance from you makes my heart sing,
One glance from you, and I fly without a wing..

One look from you, and I want to be in your arms,
You've held me captive, with your magic and charms..

One breath of yours, as fragrant as a rose,
Has scented my body, I feel you whenever my eyes close..

One touch of yours sets my body ablaze,
It melts me to the core, and my heart begins to race..

One tear from your eye, makes my soul cry,
My heart begins to ache, to wipe your tears dry..

One smile of yours, makes my heart dance,
All of the day through, I keep waiting for your glance..

One love from you, ensures me that you care,
One love is all we need sweetheart, and one love is what we share . .



I can never put out my mind

(Dedicated to an unknown person)

I can never put out my mind

Less seems though every word;

Cannot even pacify the heart

To me, it feels absurd.

Every now & then, I

Keep thinking of my world

Without your presence

Unknown, unseen, unveiled.

Everything seems sedated

Without your voice around,

And a sweet tune of yours

Leaves my joy unbound.

Familiarity I even find

In that strange face.

A look so strong, so deep

Brings me light & grace.

It is an undestined faith

That I have in you

The solitude in those eyes

My mind never knew.

(The solitude never recognized my mind)

It's all about how

I picturize you in my dreams.

Though an imagination are you,

Your thoughts bring me rims.



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