Friday, February 18, 2011

How I doubled my followers on Twitter in 24hrs in 5 steps

Hey I can’t believe it either but I doubled the number of followers .I had on Twitter in 24hrs and then I looked back on that I did and had to share it with you. There are many methods to achieving this of course but I’m sharing what worked for me – moving from about 50 followers.
1. I added by picture. Since opening a twitter account I’ve kept the area for the profile pic, generic and didn’t think much of it. I had read in an article that adding a picture makes you more human, clearly and it makes it easier for people to connect to you. I get that.
2. I doubled the number of people I was following. I love the direct connection I have to people who tweet great links to articles, webinars and other information. So I added quite a few more people and sites I wanted to get great tweets from – ranging from some more of my favourite bloggers, TV stations I watch, magazines I read and a number of wild cards too. The list was varied – Caribbean, American and European.
3. I started tweeting regularly and meaningfully. Sometimes we take for granted that because we know about a website, a trend, a product, a statistic that lots of other people do too. I’ve always loved connecting people to other people and useful information I know. I’ve been blogging for 5 years, but my Caribbean Technology Blog, is almost two years old – my niche is the global Caribbean Web – what Caribbean people and companies are doing online and also what kind of impact is everything else having on the Caribbean. Also when I tweet it’s also reflected immediately on my Facebook account on which I have just over 500 friends and business colleagues and clients. I tend to get lots of comments on the tweets I post there.
4. I became a member of groups on facebook and orkut: There again I found a new audience who found the links and information I was sharing as new and interesting, they became quick converts and therefore my followers.
5. I added my profile pic on a site where you shares your photos on twitter.
I did all this while pulling all nighter. Literally by early morning my number of followers doubled.
Try these and any other tactics you may find useful and share some with us here.
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