Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 signs to say u r in love....

You always looks at his horoscope after reading yours (and feel devastated when it claims that his and your signs are incompatible).

You used to forget you in pin number. But suddenly you know his work, home and mobile numbers by heart.

You feel sick and can't eat. Then, suddenly you wake up and find you've somehow lost half a stone.

You use his name as your compute password. When you have to change it, you use his surname

At least four people have recently said you look weird

You think it's most extraordinary coincidence you met each othe- and wonderingly calculate the odds against you both being in the same bus queue/office/hoilday resort

You think the fact that you both like leek potato soup is a cosmic sign you're meant to be together.

You stop and stare at the miror just a little more each day.

You decide this relationship is one you dont really need to discuss with friends.

You want to go for country walks with him ( even when It's pouring cats and dogs).

His name crops up all the time As in - Friend " my toothpaste is really minty" you ( dreamilyl): " He likes minty toothpaste too"

Friends send you emails asking if you are still alive, and you dont get around to replying.

You start to drinking cofee and hey, It's really not all that strong!

You redirect your footsteps from the " General" to the " Miss you" section in the Archies Greeting Card centre.

Everything about him is ' cute' Including the fuzz on his face.

You are convinced that the small pink mark is a pimple developing on you nose

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