Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get Involved in Blogosphere

If you are a blogger, I know you would love to see people around the world commenting on your blog posts. Every genuine comment, definitely act as source of encouragement, doesn't it?

Still most people doesn't return the favor. They would love to see other people commenting on their blog, but doesn't themselves make a slightest effort to comment on the other people blog. If you are an active blogger, then you are by default the part of blogosphere, but this is definitely not enough. You need to make your presence felt, and best way to do so is by commenting on blogs.

Your comments act as your markings on the blogosphere, and they also act as an gateway for people to come into contact with your blogs and other creations. Also other than by seeing your comment, how can author possibly know whether you read his post or not.

One advice though, if you do post a comment, make it as relevant and genuine as possible. Your comment's quality can be used a parameter to judge your knowledge and skill. People will take the pain to know more about you, if and only if your comment is informative and interesting enough.

I have made a commitment to make a comment on every blog post I read, good or bad. I hope you make one similar commitment too.

So people, speak up!!!

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