Thursday, February 02, 2006


Unspoken words

Where are the words I want to say.
Words that flow so easily each day.
But none of them can convey a thought so true,
A wonderful friendship that has been given to me by you.

One day we were strangers,
next it was "putter pal"
And through that stage
we just seemed to sail.

Suddenly it seemed,
you became my best friend.
Now, all my feelings and thoughts
to you I must send.

And, I never question this friendship so dear
For I know with a click of mouse you are here.
Your friendship mean the world to me.
And without you, I wonder where I would be.

Beside me you stood when my life was so sad.
You laughed with me when I felt happy or glad.
You sense my smile when I joke and I tease.
And, I need you to stay in my life forever, please.

I give you so little and take so much, I know
But if you ever called for me I'd surely go.
Then why are the words unspoken that I want to say,
To let you know I treasure your friendship every day.

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