Saturday, November 12, 2005

I hate U means..(women psychology)

I hate you - What a girl means

Whenever a girl says "I Hate You" she means 1 billion things. You should
not look at her "I hate you" dialog as literally "I hate you" and give
her back a "I hate you" dialog, but look at the depths of the "I hate
you" and then understand the feelings. It would be better if you just
shut up and listen to what she has to say next. I think girls are more
difficult to understand than rocket science. Few of the things she means
when she says I Hate You:

1. If she says I Hate You and then blushes, it means she is saying
I Love you.

2. If she says I Hate You and points her finger at some dress, it
means she wants you to buy that for her.

3. If she says I Hate You and she turns her back towards you, it
means she wants you to come close to her and then wisper in her ears
"come lets go out", then take her some place (it has to be bloody
romantic) where you can have a nice evening together.

4. If she says I Hate You and then gives you a big hug it means she
liked your present. This present was given to her, by you as a surprise.
You have given her a small thing as a surprise and she liked it so much
that she had to say I hate you. Weird isn't it??

5. If she says I Hate You and gives you a slap it means she loves
you lots and she is really hurt by what you have done. It could be that
you havent called her since the past 2 hours.

6. If she says I Hate You and then makes a sad face then you are
screwed man. Please refer to points 2 and 3, and do these together.

7. If she says I Hate You and doesnt talk then you might need to
consult love guru, not me idiots someone else.

8. If she SMSs you I Hate You, it doesnt mean she hate you, she is
just playing. If she really hated you, she would have never messaged
you. She just wants to start a conversation. Like all animals and men
start with, Hi, How are you? Girls can start conversation by saying, I
Hate You.

IF she says I Hate You, then guys you all should make a sadder face and
ask her in senti tone, Do you really hate me? The answer is : No dumbo,
I love you lots. I was just playing. You might, I repeat, you might have
just saved like 4 hours of your time and Rs 500. Dear, girls this is
just an attept to make "the men" aware of your I Hate You dialog and not
an attempt to stop you from saying I Hate You


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